Rotary boxing machines for pasta factories


Rotary boxing machines

  • 8-position automatic rotary packing machine for pre-shaped pouches, completely made of stainless steel and fitted with adjustable feet.
  • Fitted with a jog rotary plate and mechanical grippers for pouch locking, bag feed section with suction cups for taking the bags from the storage unit, pouch opening station, supplementary dispensing station, photocell for detecting a pouch in the dispensing position, floating-bar thermoseal station, and a station for packed bag discharge onto a conveyor belt.
  • PLC programmable logic electric panel.
  • Machine provided with CE compliance certificate
  • Wheel-built machine
  • Bag format change set
  • Inkjet stamper on the outlet belt
  • 2-line (date and code) hot stamp marker
  • Bag ziplock control unit
  • Pneumatic dispenser, liquid product dispenser valve, no-drip valve
  • Weight dispenser for granular products
  • Various dispensers, adjustable to meet bagged product requirements