Spiral Pre-Packaging Treatment Machine

pre packaging spiral pasteurizer
Pasteurizing and Drying


Model: P13-81-DA | Production: 300kg/h

Model: P15-115-DA | Production: 500kg/h

We have succeeded in achieving the following goals:

We have reduced the working area for the pasta treatment process. In fact, by taking advantage of the spiroidal movement of the conveyor belt, we have reduced the dimensions of the machine, increasing only the height.

We have reduced the steam consumption needed for the product treatment. The machine high working efficiency allows to cut the steam consumption up to 0.2kg per kilogram of pasta.

The main technical characteristics are:

  • Frame completely in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Conveyor belt in stainless steel AISI 316, mesh diameter 1.4 mm, pitch 5 mm
  • The machine can be completely opened and sanitized, also thanks to the internal and
  • External washing system (optional)
  • Possibility to set the temperature up to 110 °C
  • Possibility to adjust the internal humidity from 0 to 100% UR
  • Possibility to adjust the ventilation from 0 to 2 m/s
  • Possibility to adjust the treatment time from 6 to 21 minutes;
  • Useful treatment surface: 30 square meters


  • Washing system
cooling and freezing spiral machine
Cooling and Freezing:


The drum spiral conveyors transform the dynamic friction strength, existing between the belt and the powered drum, from a dissipative type force to a conservative one. The driving shaft placed on the rectilinear stretch going out from the spiral, connected to the motorized gearbox named “master” , moves the belt.

Therefore, the drum, a cylindric-shape stainless steel structure placed inside the spiral center and on with the belt is wrapped, uses the friction strength generated to move forward the belt to the movement direction.

In this case the belt choice is done considering the product dimensions, for which a 25 or 50 mm belt pitch is available, and also considering the utilisation temperature, for which the due choice is polypropylene or polyossimetilene, generally named by the abbreviation POM.

Width range from 150 to 1000 mm and dimensions vary depending on the maximum possible diameter, on tier number shaped.

The advantage of this type of machine, is in the overall dimension that, thank to very reduced space among the tiers, allow to get much smaller dimensions and very high movement speeds.


  • Insulating room
  • Washing system