Articles for pasta makers

Our section devoted to pasta and pasta makers of all types and sizes. Here you can find information about our production lines, machines, equipment, tips and trends in the pasta world.


Opening a small artisanal pasta factory

Here you can find ideal machine to start or expand your artisanal pasta shop. Every machines is design to ensure ease of use, robustness and reliability over time.

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Cannelloni production line

An article dedicated to a extruded cannelloni production line, capable to produce 10.000 pcs/hour. Starting from the dough preparazione, up to forming and cutting the final product.

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Deep-freezing spiral for the food industry

Deepfreezing cell with spiral conveyor for the food industry and big pasta industries. Thanks to the flessibility offered by our treatment spirals, our clients can vary different food type productions, optimizing production processes and energy consumption.

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Line for fresh, stuffed and pasteurized pasta

Discover the most suitable pasta machines for your needs! From dough mixers, to forming machines, up to dedicate food treatment plants.

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Pasteurizers for fresh, long, short and stuffed pasta

Our experience in the fresh pasta industry led us to develop an increasingly innovative and effiecient product. Based on the need of the pasta factory and the type of processed product, we can offer different machines tailored to the customer.

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Industrial pasta factory and pasta machines

A selection of machines and plants for pasta factories, designe for large production needs, sturdiness and reliability over time.

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Gluten free pasta

Find out how our machines are set up for processing gluten-free flours, rice or legume flours, and much more.

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Stuffed cannelloni production line

Production line for stuffed cannelloni. Hourly output of about 1000 pieces/hour, ideal for pasta industries, artisanal pasta lab and the food industry.


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