Fresh pasta machines for pasta industries

We manufacture pasta-making machines for the production of extruded and stuffed fresh pasta and dumplings, as well as food-processing machines such as pasteurisers, shakers and dryers. We provide ideal solutions to meet any requirements with our machines, processing a wide range of pasta formats, from traditional to regional or custom formats.

We supply all kinds of pasta-making machines, from stand-alone to full production lines. Our company is committed to providing customer support and maintenance services to ensure top-quality production and reliable machine performance.

Pasta Production and Processing

From dough production to forming and heat treatment. We manufacture machines and systems for the production of fresh, dried and gluten-free pasta.

Dough mixers and and pre-mixers for mixing flour, water, eggs and other ingredients. Fresh pasta dough mixers continuously feed sheeters and extruders for the production of fresh and stuffed pasta.

Dough sheeting machines for pasta factories. Pasta nesting machines, production plants for lasagne and cannelloni. Moulders for tortellini and cappelletti, double-sheet ravioli, regional formats and many more pasta products.

Fresh pasta and food processing machines. We manufacture fresh pasta pasteurisers, sterilisers, dryers and coolers.

Essential for conveying and distributing products. Conveyor belts are individually designed and manufactured to streamline your production process to its best.

Dumpling Production and Processing

Machines for the production and processing of potato or flour dumplings. The machines we supply can meet any production requirements, from small-batch production for craft businesses or restaurants to large-scale industrial pasta factories.


Interchangeable-die dumpling machines for italian gnocchi. Our continuous-feed machines can process hot or cold dough.


Shakers with stackers and destackers for the production of potato gnocchi or chicche in industrial systems.


Vibrating distributors for collecting, flour shaking and distributing dumplings within pasta-making lines.

Processing spiral towers

Our treatment spirals are designed to optimize consumption and make production in your pasta factory or food industry flexible. Also, the treatment process contributes to keeping the quality of finished products at its best. Our spirals are suitable for processing pasta, leavened and packaged products, and many more.


Processing spirals for pasteurising fresh pasta and food products. Our spiral towers are designed to streamline production lines at their best.


Spiral coolers and cooling cells for fresh pasta and food products, designed to provide your industrial line with high performance and versatile solutions.


Processing spirals for controlled leavening of bakery products, pastries and many more food products.

Spirals for double pasteurization designed to give efficiency in production processes required for bacterial count reduction of food products.


Spiral freezers and deep-freeze units for bulk or boxed products, custom designed for your production line.


Our spiral conveyors are ideal to rightsize the space required for product conveyance, maximising the floor area used in your pasta factory.

Packaging and Boxing Machines

From raw materials to packed products. Our company strives to provide perfect packaging solutions, relying on our partnership with cutting-edge industrial companies.

Vertical boxing machines for finished-product packaging.

Bag packaging machines suitable for industrial pasta factories.

Rotary tables for packaging in production lines.