Used pasta machines and equipments

Refurbished and guaranteed second-hand pasta-making machinery. You can purchase pasta machinery at competitive prices, with a view to starting up a craft pasta business or a pasta factory.

The available machine range may vary. Please fill in our contact form, providing info on the required machine type and output quantity.

Combined machine 160

Combined machine for fresh pasta production, used and revised. The machine has a section for making pasta sheets or extruded pasta. On the side it has a ravioli mold to make double sheet ravioli.


Ravioli machine 250 with mold included

Machine for the production of double sheet ravioli, mold included. Refurbished and guaranteed. Machinery for pasta labs.


Double Sheet Ravioli Maker 250

Ravioli machine for the production of double sheet ravioli with filling external pump, used and revised.


Gnocchi machine GN-8

Automatic gnocchi dumpling machine with 8 holes GN8, used and revised.


Cappelletti machine

Cappelletti machine for single sheet stuffed pasta, used and revised.


Pasteurizer 30/40 kg/h

Electric belt pasteurizer for pasta factories, suitable for small/medium productions. Fresh pasta machinery, refurbished and guaranteed.



Fresh pasta machines and systems for pasta makers of any size, from small craft pasta-making businesses to large-scale pasta factories.


Our machines for fresh pasta, pasta production plants and food industries. Find out more in our dedicated video page.


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