Nesting machine for pasta nests

The nesting machine is suitable for the production of fresh pasta nests, whether to be frozen or dried. This machine provides versatile solutions to your pasta factory as it can produce different formats depending on the moulds to be used. These machines can produce spaghetti alla chitarra, fettuccine, tagliatelle, pappardelle, tagliolini or other noodle formats to meet customer requirements.

Nesting machine for pasta nests

Model: N250

Model: N300

Model: N540

Model: N600

Model: N800

Hourly output: from 100 kg/h to 500 kg/h

The pasta nesting machine is ideal for the production of various types of fresh pasta nests. Moreover, a laminator or sheeter will be required to feed the machine with dough sheets.

  • Built in AISI 304 stainless steel and operated by PLC
  • Machine for the production of tagliatelle nests from dough sheets
  • The machine cuts the sheet, forms the nest, and lays it on a conveyor belt or frames for further processing/drying steps
  • Product length and nest weight may vary depending on machine settings and are easily adjusted to meet the production requirements of your pasta factory
  • The machine is equipped with interchangeable molds so that products of various widths, such as noodles, taglierini, pappardelle, etc., can be obtained.
  • Machine provided with CE compliance certificate