Fresh-pasta making machines and pasta manufacturing systems

Catering to small shops, craft pasta-making businesses and large-scale pasta factories alike

We manufacture fresh pasta machines ranging from


To full production lines


We have been designing and manufacturing fresh, stuffed and gluten-free pasta machines and systems for over 60 years

Fresh, dried and gluten-free pasta machines and systems for craft pasta-making businesses, delis, restaurants as well as large-scale pasta factories. We are pleased to present our broad machine range, such as ravioli, cappelletti and agnolotti pasta makers, gnocchi and chicche dumpling machines, extruded pasta presses and regional-format pasta machines.

We can supply a broad range of fresh-pasta processing solutions, such as pasteurisers, spiral pasteurisers, cooling, freezing and proofing systems and spiral towers, and much more. We can also supply full production lines for pasta factories, ranging from the initial processing steps to pasta making and packaging.

We handle all pasta-making steps with care, from dough making to finished-product processing. We supply machines for traditional and regional formats alike, smooth, stuffed or plain pasta, gnocchi dumplings, cannelloni, lasagna and a wide range of products.

Our machines are designed for the production of potato or flour dumplings. We provide a broad range of ideal solutions for small- and medium-sized production batches as well as large-scale pasta factories.

Designed to provide high performance and versatility to any production line. Spiral towers streamline product size, consumption and the pasteurisation process, with no throwback on finished product quality.


Fresh pasta machines and systems for pasta makers of any size, from small craft pasta-making businesses to large-scale pasta factories.


Used machinery, refurbished and guaranteed by our engineering staff. Check out our offers on the page showing our second-hand machines!


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