Cannelloni production line

Cannelloni production line with cooker and forming belt

Line for stuffed cannelloni, from dough preparation, to forming, to heat treatment of the finished product.

The line described is capable of producing about 10,000 pieces/hour, a number that varies depending on the size and length of the stuffed cannelloni.

Stuffed cannelloni production linea with immersion cooker

This production line is divided into several stages. As the first machine we will have a tilting mixer for flour preparation, built for the mixing stage of flours and liquids.

Once the dough is ready, it will go into a sheeter machine that will create an even layer of puff pastry.

Next, the sheet will go through a double calibrator that will thin the sheet to the thickness suitable for the desired pasta size. This stage also includes a conveyor belt for waste recovery.

It will then go to the cooker, which will dip the product and cook the pasta sheet, preparing it for forming the cannelloni.

At the end of the line we will then have the forming and cutting belt, on which we will have the filling fed through a pump and the subsequent forming of the dough. At the end of the belt there is a cutting assembly that will cut the filled dough, cutting it to the desired length.

The machines that make up the line are: