About us

Castiglioni S.R.L. was set up in 1955. We have been manufacturing food-grade pasta production and processing systems for over 65 years.

Since 1991, when we acquired the company “Nedo“, we have been strengthening our well-known engineering, manufacturing and design skills, including the packaging sector.

Our success is proof of our know-how and expertise, which we rely on in order to develop top-quality, cutting-edge products for both national and international markets.

This is why we are leaders in our business sector and we respond promptly to meet more and more demanding requirements in a constantly developing market.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Our technical and sales teams will be able to design the best solution for your requirements.


Fresh pasta machines and systems for pasta makers of any size, from small craft pasta-making businesses to large-scale pasta factories.


Used machinery, refurbished and guaranteed by our engineering staff. Check out our offers on the page showing our second-hand machines!


Looking for help? Would you like to get a custom quote for your pasta-making business? Contact us! We will be glad to provide any support you may need.