Our company

Castiglioni S.R.L. was set up in 1955. We have been manufacturing food-grade pasta production and processing systems for over 65 years.

Since 1991, when we acquired the company Nedo, we have been strengthening our well-known engineering, manufacturing and design skills, including the packaging sector.

Our success is proof of our know-how and expertise, which we rely on in order to develop top-quality, cutting-edge products for both national and international markets.

This is why we are leaders in our business sector and we respond promptly to meet more and more demanding requirements in a constantly developing market.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Our engineering and sales staff will be able to devise the best solution to meet your requirements.

Our solutions for small and medium-sized pasta makers

Double-tank combined extrusion press EP50-R

Press for the production of a wide range of fresh or dried pasta formats such as egg-based or plain dough sheets and short-cut and long-cut pasta. The press can process gluten-free or regular flour or wheat semolina. Moreover, the machine can produce dough sheets of different thicknesses to feed forming machines.

An interchangeable-mould ravioli-making unit is fitted on the machine side, which allows producing individual double-sheet ravioli of various formats.

Ravioli and cappelletti forming machines MC160

Machine designed for the production of pinched formats such as cappelletti, tortelloni and single-sheet ravioli. Ideal for small and medium-sized batch production.

Dumpling machine GN2

Machine for the production of smooth or ridged gnocchi or chicche, suitable for small- or medium-sized production lines in restaurants or small craft businesses. This machine can produce potato dumplings with hot or cold dough.

Our solutions for industrial pasta factories

Treatment line for fresh pasta

Fresh pasta processing line with pasteurization spiral and pre-packaging cooling spiral.

It allows a more efficient plant to be built in a smaller space, optimizing pasta factory floor space and consumption.

Processing line with pasteurization and cooling spiral

Double sheet ravioli processing line consisting of retractable belt, spiral pasteurizer and cooling spiral.

Deep-freezing spiral for the food industry

Cell with double freezing spiral for productions up to 2000 kg/h. The plant is suitable for pasta factories or food companies for freezing foods such as lasagna, cannelloni, fresh pasta, ready meals, and more.

Stuffed cannelloni production line

Testing of a production line for filled cannelloni. The production line has an hourly output of about 1000 pieces/hour.

Read the article about it.

The line is designed for pasta factories and artisanal fresh pasta workshops. We can supply complete plants based on your production needs.