Gluten free pasta

Dry and fresh gluten free pasta production lines and plants. Machinery for pasta factories and the food industry.

The market

Pasta is one of the world’s most popular dishes, but it can be a problem for those who suffer from celiac disease. In fact, those who are gluten intolerant often have to choose from a small product selection compared to the ordinary consumer. For this reason, the market is evolving, offering a range of gluten-free products that are increasingly in line with the customer needs and can be consumed even by those without celiac disease.

Castiglioni S.R.L. has been manufacturing fresh pasta machines and systems for pasta-making businesses since 1955. Over the years we have had the opportunity to create production plants for fresh or dried pasta, for gluten-free products or with special flours. Therefore, today we are able to provide effective solutions for the kind of product demanded by the customer.

Flours with and without gluten

The demand for gluten-free food products is steadily increasing, which is why pasta manufacturers and pasta makers want to meet the needs of the market, by adapting their productions to customer demand. Even for small productions, opening a gluten-free pasta lab or factory or expanding one’s product range is certainly a choice to satisfy the gluten-free market.

Normally, durum wheat semolina, which is less fine-grained than white flour, is used for most pasta shapes. Durum wheat has a high gluten component, which is crucial for maintaining the shape and texture of the pasta, both in processing and cooking. In fact, it is through the gelatinization of starches that traditional pasta acquires its flavor and strength. Therefore, the use of other types of flours makes the production of this kind of product more complex.

Gluten free pasta

Going gluten-free therefore requires the use of pre-gelatinized flours made from corn, rice, buckwheat, or legumes. These flours make it possible to minimize emulsifiers and remove the use of egg for vegan products, reducing the thickness of the extruded pasta, which will be very similar to a traditional product which contains gluten. In addition, they ensure the correct density of the dough and the firmness of the product during cooking.

Gluten-free pasta machines

Over the years, we have built several gluten-free pasta plants and lines for the production of tagliatelle, lasagna, tortellini, cappelletti, short pasta and filled pasta of all shapes and sizes.

Our machines are designed to be able to work with any type of flour. Through our sheeters or extrusion presses you can go and create extruded dough and pasta sheets, with and without gluten. From here, one can expand its production line with forming machines such as double sheet or single sheet ravioli machines for the production of gluten-free cappelletti, tortelloni and other filled pasta formats.

In terms of fresh pasta processing, our machines are also fully adjustable in order to optimize the quality of production according to the type of chosen product. From dryers for dry pasta production to pasteurizers, coolers and freezing plants for artisanal or industrial pasta factories.

Presses and extruders

Extrusion presses for every production capacity, suitable for processing traditional and special flours for gluten-free products. Machines for making short pasta, long pasta, dryied pasta and pasta sheets.


Sheeting machines

Machines for making pasta sheets with and without gluten. Suitable for any production capacity to feed lasagna or spaghetti cutters, or forming machines.


Forming machines

Machines for making stuffed pasta such as ravioli, cappelletti, tortellini, cannelloni and more. Wide production range due to interchangeable molds.


Automatic cutters

Machines for producing pasta sheets, cut to size for lasagna, spaghetti alla chitarra, tagliolini and many other pasta shapes with and without gluten.


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