Fresh pasta cookers

Fresh-pasta continuous cookers, suitable for industrial-level pasta factories and middle-sized production. Our cookers are suitable for processing short-cut and filled fresh pasta, dough sheets and many more products.

Fresh pasta cooker

Model: CV

Our fresh-pasta cookers are suitable for cooking dough sheets, short-cut and filled pasta. Depending on your pasta-making requirements, the machine will be provided with various features for processing a wide range of pasta types.

The machine may be included in an industrial pasta-making line after forming machines or dough sheeters.

  • AISI 304 stainless steel machine
  • Stainless-steel product conveyor belts, driven by adjustable-speed motors to control speed based on cooking time
  • Automatic electro-mechanical hood and belt lifting system for maintenance and cleaning operations.
  • Coil heat exchanger on the bottom of the tank, fitted with flanges for connection to the production system.
  • Product dip rinse for dough sheet production.
  • PLC or electrical control panel